Macbeth: I have almost forgot the taste of fears: The time has been, my senses would have cooled To hear a night-shriek, and my fell of hair Would at a dismal treatise rouse and stir As life were in’t: I have supped full with horrors; Direness, familiar to my slaughterous thoughts, Cannot once start me. […]

Malcolm is suspicious, fearing that Macduff might betray him to Macbeth for personal reward. Macduff is dismayed to be suspected in this way. To test Macduff’s loyalty, Malcolm pretends to be even more sinful than Macbeth. Malcolm pretends to be lustful and avaricious and lacking in all the virtues that a king should possess. Finally […]

After Lenox’s ironic account of events, the lord reports that Malcolm is with the English King, Edward the Confessor, and that Macduff has journeyed there to find support for an attack upon Macbeth. Lenox and the lord agree that Macduff would be well advised to stay out of Macbeth’s way.

Banquo leaves the castle. then shit got fully mental oi. some kids actual planned to shank some bloke, so yeah.

Rosse and The Old Man discuss about the weird events following the kings murder such as the kings horses breaking loose and eagles being killed by owls. – Pathetic Fallacy Macduff and Rosse discuss about the suspicions about the kings murder. Macduff reckons the king’s two sons Donalbain and Malcolm bribed the guards to kill […]

A knocking is heard on the castle gates, Lady Macbeth returns, but her husband is already regretting what he has done. The castle porter goes to open the door. The porter imagines himself to be the porter of hell-gate, welcoming various types of sinner. He admits Macduff and Lenox and jokes with them about the […]

Lady Macbeth and Macbeth have drugged and made the guards of the castle drunk and have placed bloody daggers on their sleeping bodies to stage them for the murder of Duncan. Annoyingly Macbeth forgot to put the daggers on their body and now refuses to go back as he is worrying that he now doesn’t […]

In act 1 scene 3 Banquo and Macbeth are talking about the premonitions the three witches have made about Macbeth becoming king. Macbeth thinks it is all truth whereas Banquo says “But ‘t is strange: and oftentimes, to win us to our harm, the instruments of darkness tell us truths…” Banquo expresses that he is […]

Lady Macbeth leads Duncan into the castle. Macbeth is deeply troubled by the possible consequences of killing the King and considers the powerful reasons against the deed. Macbeth think about Duncan’s virtues and imagines the terrible reactions to his murder. When he tells his wife that they must not proceed with their plans to kill […]

Duncan arrives, admires the beautiful setting of Macbeth’s castle and is welcomed by Lady Macbeth