1st August 2018

Dystopia / Underwater

It was our second week down here; at the bottom of the ocean. Our world was destroyed by humans ignorance and continual denial that we needed to act for the better. You may ask why we haven’t moved to another planet but that is beyond me. Maybe we have accepted that there is no point at least that’s what I believe. We live somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, doesn’t really matter as long as we are away from land. My room looks out into the almost infinite abyss of the sea. No fish around here just dark emptiness. I decide to grab my gear and go search for fish. It is still soaking wet and smells of fish. I release the airlock which groans with pain as the rust eats at its bones. I slam it shut behind me and open the door beside me and I am released into the open sea. I turn on my torch but there is no point; nothing for the light to reflect off. No light can reach down here so I am floating in darkness. The rumbles and deep hums of the Earth create an unsettling and lonely tone. The creatures down here are far different to the oceans of the past. Due to continuous pollution the water has finally become uninhabitable for fish and mammals. Only crustaceans and micro-organisms still live. I have to travel deep to find any food. At least we advanced our technology far enough to make it possible for our bodies to withstand the immense pressure of the water. It is a long swim downwards when I finally reach the ocean bed to be greeted with nothing. I search for a while in the sand only find myself empty handed. In the distance I hear a screech, not of a human but an unsettling, low screech of a creature. I know that in that direction lays the chasm – a deep crag in the Earth’s crust. We have been told not to venture down there but I need food. The screeches become louder. I grab my only means of defence; a small hunting knife. It is blunt and the rust is getting to it; rust is like a epidemic down here. The screeches get louder and louder until they stop completely. I am frozen with fear but decide my life is more important than food.

I swim slowly towards the the base even though I can’t see where it is. It looks like it is daytime as there is a grey tint to the water surrounding me. The base slowly renders into view like a looming giant; the lights are off. My head tries to think of a logical reason for this but can only come up with bad endings. No people can be seen through the windows and no emergency lights flashing. I re-enter the base and everyone is quiet and still. The man across the room, who was staring at the floor, wandered slowly away from my vision. This is weird; I make my way back to my room, hungry. The small fridge in my room has a few scraps but nothing tasty. Just tins of weird food that I’d prefer not to eat.  Maybe I should go exploring for food once again but not near the chasm. I grab one of the tins of unknown food and shove it into my mouth with displeasure. It tastes like nothing but still makes me feel nauseous.  On the floor is my soaking wet gear, I grab it and force it on for the second time today and head out the groaning hatch doors. Before I exit I take a quick glance back down the hallway and the same man from before standing there but now whispering something under his breath. I feel a shiver down my spine and decide I need to leave now.

There is an different feel to water; an eerie one. It is darker and the haziness of daytime light barely surrounds me. Maybe the reason for the lights turning off was to do with the solar panels resting on the surface of the water. From time to time they turn off but only because there isn’t enough light but there is even enough light around me 400m below the water . Once again I hear the distant screams of the creature until I reach the surface when they stop all of a sudden

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