10th February 2019

Introduction 2019

Hi, my name is Alfie as you already know as I was in your class last year. I was born in Leicester, England on the 11th May 2003. I lived in Leicester for 13 years then moved to New Zealand in June 2016 where I have stayed in Wanaka up until now. I live with my mum, dad, brother and my dog. My dad is Kiwi and my mum is British so I am half kiwi but have always thought of myself as just British.

I believe my life to be quite a normal, boring one and have not many to no stories from my life. The main one would be the story of moving to NZ and having to change as a person to fit in. The way I best learn is visually. Sometimes I find when the teacher gives all information verbally I end up forgetting most of it. It is also great when there is a permanent version of what they have been saying such as a summary or a document; but no worksheets as I lose those.

You most likely know how to work with me well after of year of doing so but one thing to note is I love the respect that you give your students and the way you treat them. I believe this makes students want to learn more as by doing so they would maintain the respect that you give them. This is from personal experience but I would believe this to apply to most other students who care what you think and about their work.

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